Green Winged Macaw

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Currently hand feeding is a baby green winged Macaw this baby is very friendly and tame, these species are known for their great ability to talk and learn tricks.

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The green-winged macaw is among the largest macaw species. Its large beak can be intimidating, but this macaw has a reputation as a gentle giant.

At about 35 inches from its crimson head to the tip of its tapered tail, and weighing in at between 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 pounds, the green-winged macaw is one of the largest birds in its species, almost as large as the Buffon’s macaw or the hyacinth macaw. Of the larger macaws, the green wing is possibly third most popular large macaw companions, after the blue-and-gold macaw and the scarlet macaw.

The green wing has, not surprisingly, a band of forest-green at the center of its wings; below the green is a bright turquoise and above is a cherry-red that extends up and over the whole of the bird’s body and head; the flights are dark blue and the tail is very long and is comprised of blue and red feathers. The beak has a black lower mandible and a horn-colored upper mandible and is formidable in size, able to crack difficult nuts with ease.

Native Region / Natural Habitat

This big beauty hails from regions in Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guyana, Brazil, Peru, Suriname, French Guiana, Paraguay, Argentina, and Bolivia, and covers roughly the same area as the blue-and-gold macaw. Its wild diet in the tropical lowlands is much the same as that of the blue & gold’s, including fruit, seeds, berries, nuts. The green-winged macaw also feeds at the famous “clay cliffs” known for their high mineral content said to neutralize toxins.

Care & Feeding

The green wing’s size alone is a deterrent for many bird owners, who don’t have the room for such a large animal. The green-winged macaw needs a very large cage. Stainless-steel cages are now becoming popular and more affordable, and are a good material for green-wing housing; this bird can easily bend or break the bars of a cheaply made cage. Powder-coated cages are fine, too, if they’re well-made, and the bird will greatly appreciate a cage with a play top.

Green wings get along with most other macaws their size, so keeping two macaws together is fine, but don’t allow birds of different species to breed.

Personality & Behavior

That great big beak can look intimidating, but the green-winged macaw is actually the gentler of the large macaws, not known for biting and massive mood swings. A well-raised green wing, one that’s healthy and well-treated, is a pleasant companion and long-time friend, with a lifespan of over 80 years.

Speech & Sound

The green wing can talk, but is not known to be a chatterbox; instead, an owner can expect intermittent screaming, which is quite loud, but not persistent, that is, if the bird is being cared for properly. An unhappy green wing can cause a ruckus that will get someone tossed out of an apartment building.

Health & Common Conditions

Like other parrots, green-winged macaws are prone to self-mutilation/feather plucking, nutritional disorders, and a variety of diseases, including Proventricular Dilatation Disease (Macaw Wasting Syndrome), as well as overgrown beaks. A nutritionally balanced diet and regular veterinary health exams can help keep your green-winged macaw healthy and thriving.

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Like most macaw species, green-winged macaws are typically available at avian specialty stores, Get various Macaw at

The smallest of the miniature macaws, the Hahn’s macaw is primarily green with a fleshy white face-patch. Hahn’s macaws are smaller than some of the larger conure species, and can easily be mistaken for a conure by a novice.


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